Goin through some rough shit tonight. I haven’t heard from a cousin of mine in over a year and she finally texted my aunt today and said she wants nothing to do with any of us, there is nothing to talk about, theres a reason shes been ignoring us and she intends to keep it that way. oh and apparently shes married now? shes 19. I’ve always loved her like my sister, and nothing has even happened between us?? i just don’t get it and feel so hurt. I imagine all our childhood memories and then them leading up to this point. I’ve been worried about her for months and all to find out that she could give a fuck less. Its like im dead to her. If I ever see her in public, it’ll just be like we are complete strangers. It breaks my heart. It especially bothers me that she won’t give a reason as to why she wants nothing to do with us (us being me, my mom, her aunt, her dad, her half brother, her grandma, her mom and step dad and two young siblings.. literally her entire family). But If shes happy with her life then what more can I do but leave her alone…? :/ Just nice to know that if anything ever happens to me or anyone in the family that she won’t care or even want to know, or if one day I get married or pregnant, she won’t care. I just don’t get it. She also isn’t friends with a single one of her best friends anymore and has no social networking account anywhere. Kinda strange for a 19 year old girl if you ask me..? But what more can I do except let it go and let her go.  :(